LochStudios Privacy Policy

Who We Are

We operate several websites:

What Information We Collect and Why


When you leave a comment, we collect the data you provide, your IP address, and browser details to prevent spam. Your email may be hashed and checked with the Gravatar service for profile picture association.


If you upload images, ensure they don't contain location data. Visitors can extract location information from these images.

Contact Forms

We may collect personal data you provide in contact forms for communication purposes.


If you leave a comment, your name, email, and website may be saved in cookies for convenience. You can choose to save login information and display preferences. Cookies expire after a period or when manually cleared.

Embedded Content from Other Websites

Articles may include embedded content (e.g., videos) from other websites. These behave as if you visited the other site and may collect data or use cookies.

Data Retention

We retain comments indefinitely for moderation purposes. Registered users' personal information is stored in their profiles. Users can edit or delete their information at any time.

Your Rights

If you have an account or leave comments, you can request an exported file of your personal data or its deletion, except for data we need for legal or security reasons.